Welcome to Tangible Tech

I’m Steve Sande, and I have a writing addiction.

I love writing about technology, and I’ve been doing it since 1986 when I first set up a Bulletin Board System (BBS) to talk about Macs and the Apple IIGS. In 1994 I set up my first website — PDAntic.com — to talk about “personal digital assistants” like the Apple Newton MessagePad and Motorola Envoy. I’ve written a fair number of tech books, hosted a lot of podcasts, and still write about Apple products every day. But I have a love of all things technological, not just Apple’s products.

That’s why I started the Tangible Tech podcast, basically because I was getting a little bored only writing about Macs, iPhones, iPads and accessories. This website is a companion “linked list” blog that will point you to online articles about everything technology has to offer.

Thanks for visiting the site, and I hope you come back soon.

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